Stress free logistics planning
Control your customs and your freight solutions


Logistics planning is moving toward center stage with emphasis to keep costs down. Rising freight costs, longer transit times and complexities associated with global logistics erode savings. Analyzing steps and strategic logistics planning looks for ways to get a competitive advantage to logistics operations.
We are dedicated to provide solutions to you in an independent manner and we will provide you with options. You, the importer will be able to maintain control over your freight process and costs. We will advise you to the consequences of not performing your own due diligence and will offer you tailor made logistics solutions specific to your needs. This personal approach provided by us will let you make your own decisions and allow you to plan stress free logistics.
Our knowledge will provide both new and current importers the necessary tools to allow you to make an informed decision in customs and freight forwarding. By educating you on the various processes involved in global trade and best logistics practices, as an independent solutions provider we can offer you options tailored to your needs and in an unbiased manner.
Our competitive advantage:

  • Armed with knowledge, you will benefit from making an informed decision.
  • Through on site consultation, we will offer you a personal, one on one approach.
  • As an independent consultant, we will work for you and only you.
  • We will outline the consequences of not performing your own due diligence to control your costs and provide you with stress free options.
  • Customs compliance is a crucial element of importing; overlooking this will create dire consequences in case of a customs audit.
  • You will be able to maintain control over your processes and costs providing you with stress free handling of your freight.